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The human brain

A web of billions of neurons, working together to
imagine new possibilities and solve complex problems.

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The Internet

A web of interconnected devices, allowing billions of humans
to interact, share and collaborate.

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A web of roads, jammed by billions of empty seats,
consuming our time, money and natural resources.

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La`Zooz is a Decentralized Transportation Platform that is owned by the community
which turns vehicles` unused space into a variety of smart transportation solutions.
By using cryptocurrency technology La`Zooz has developed a “Fair Share”
rewarding mechanism for its developers, users and backers

RideSharing vision

La`Zooz platform will synchronize empty seats with transportation needs in real time,
and match like minded people to create a great ride-sharing experience for a “Fair fare”.

The Road

Is being paved by people like you and me.
Taking part makes La`Zooz come alive

La`Zooz Announcement

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You can

Buy Zooz tokens to

Back La`Zooz
Install the app and start
to mine Zooz while driving

Download the app
La`Zooz is created spontaneously
by the creativity of people
just like you.

join us

Android Mining App is in beta



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