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The human brain

A web of billions of neurons, working together to
imagine new possibilities and solve complex problems.

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The Internet

A web of interconnected devices, allowing billions of humans
interact, share and collaborate.

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A web of roads, jammed by billions of empty seats,
consuming our time, money and natural resources.

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Let’s start working together,
share our abundance of free seats,
and start building the first collaborative transportation web.

Let’s begin La`Zooz

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Zooz is the cryptocurrancy of movement.
Buying zooz will enable you
to support the creation of this ecosystem,
enjoy rewards from its growth,
and trade it for transportation
once the network is established.

Back La`Zooz
Mine Zooz by runing the app
with a “proof of movement” mechanism.

Download the app
La`Zooz is created spontaneously
by the creativity of people
just like you.

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